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Congratulations to the finalists of the 13th Start-Up@Singapore

Open Category


Avetics Pte Ltd is a company that focuses on UAV development for non-military applications. Our first market is aerial mapping which has applications in surveillance, monitoring and planning.


Semantics3 makes structured data from the web easily accessible for software application development and analytics by means of a web-based API.

GPallets Builder

GPallets Builder creates, delivers and captures values in a truly sustainable way. It is the way to deliver commercial success, within environmental limits, while delivering products and services that improve people's quality of life.


Humus is a company that leverages a patented technology to produce high grade, natural, unique colour silk in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. Humus strives to put the needs and well-being of the people it serves at the forefront. This includes its customers, employees, world community, partners and shareholders. Humus believes in setting new standards on quality of silk production while providing employment opportunities in developing countries in a responsible manner. Unlike the typical agro-based business, Humus employs continuous innovation to satisfy evolving and unmet customer needs.


Referoll.com makes it easy for market research companies to recruited the needed respondents for their research studies. Using social media tool and data matching techniques, recruitment of specific respondents can be made faster and more precise.

Start Now

Start Now is Singapore first volunteerism advocacy social enterprise. We actively engage schools, companies and non-profit organisations to grow volunteerism and social responsibility in Singapore.

Youth Category

Gourmet Guru

We understand the importance of retaining traditional crusine by passing it in to the next generation. This transition of knowledge can be made more meaningful by engaging the less fortunate or needy people in Singapore, especially the elderly.


Just a fellow Developing and Implementing ideas, which is the important bit!
With one of the boldest as the first - brain technologies to enhance the brain and possibly treat Brain Dysfunctions such as Autism, ADHD, stress, dyslexia and many more.

Tumeric Dynamic

4 Students, 1 Curry. Or rather, lots of Curry.


Captivaid looks forward to a future where badly designed slides become a thing of the past.
Clarity at its best.
The aim is to establish a local and accessible service for aspiring speakers and presenters to achieve their full potential with the use of visual aids.


Team leader and highly motivated participant to challenge the relentless oil prices, car hardware limitation and engine care.
Seek to market the solution of using natural processed oil, in this case, palm oil to augment normal fuel, diesel and petrol to all vehicles.
It will alleviate oil costs by stretching distance travel with same petrol amount, increase Horsepower for the racing lifestyle and in return cause no damage to the engine.

Mos Calceus

Mos Calceus start on the idea to target youths and young adults who wish to buy a pair of shoes, customized and suited to their needs. Our shoes are customisable in 3 parts, first the shoe body frame, second the different function of insoles and thirdly, the add-on modules that will provide more function to the shoe. We are also able to detach shoes and re-attach them back. Therefore, if any part of a customer's shoes are broken (e.g. soles worn out, a hole in a body of a shoe, etc.), we are able to detach the broken part of the shoe and re-attach a new part. Therefore, this concept that we adopted, enables customers to recycle their shoes.