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SE/Co-op Category



This year, Start-Up@Singapore is launching two new exciting categories, namely Social Enterprise/Co-operative Open category and Social Enterprise/Co-operative Youth category.

A Co-operative is a business entity which embraces a strong social mission – it puts serving people’s needs first but does not allow its bottom line to suffer. It is a proven model of social enterprise, where the common social and economic needs of its members are met. Members make equitable contributions to the capital required and accept a fair share of the risks and benefits. Democratically controlled and member-owned, co-operatives provide services and products to its members and the general public through the principles of self and mutual help.

A Social Enterprise uses is a business model that recognizes social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change. A social entrepreneur focuses on creating social capital. Thus, the main aim of a Social Enterprise is to further environmental and social goals. Typically, Social Enterprises are commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, but this need not necessarily preclude them from making a profit.

For both categories, teams whose Executive Summaries are short-listed will be invited to participate in a Social Business Bootcamp on 20-21 February organised by The Grameen Creative Lab at NUS. This will be a 2-day workshop to refine your business idea and create sustainable and scalable business model with the coaching of mentors. Participants will get the opportunity to pitch and receive feedback on your business plan from mentors, resource persons, and Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at the end of the bootcamp.

For more information on prizes for these categories please visit http://startup.org.sg/competition/prizes-awards

For further information on these categories please download the Official Contestant Kit at http://competition.startup.org.sg

For enquiries please email competition@startup.org.sg