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Past Winners

12 Years of Winners

12th S@S Open Category Winner


The idea of shrimp farming might seem distant and strange to most Singaporeans, who are much attuned to the fast-paced urban lifestyle in this concrete jungle – but not for this team of six from Thailand. Hailing from the country known for being the largest shrimp producer in the world, AquaInnova aims to produce Genovex, a shrimp viral detection equipment, which would staunch the massive farming loss from frequent shrimp viral outbreaks.

12th S@S Youth Category Winner

Ms Dee Dee

Ever thought of having a cup of fruit juice ready within minutes? Yes! you got that right, Ms DeeDee aims to combine the convenience of dispensers and self-service concepts with the healthy nutritional value of freshly squeezed fruit juices. Not only does it aim to promote an alternative lifestyle, it would definitely be a healthier choice for most people.

12th S@S Cooperative Category Winner


The inspiration for X-CHANGE’s brilliant business idea came about one day from something simple and close to home – rooftop gardening. Where a lot of emphasis is now placed on freshness and quality of produce due to the demand of many high-end restaurants, the team found a need to address commercial rooftop gardening cooperatives.

11th S@S Open Category Winner



Soyato™ is a frozen dessert made only with soy milk; no eggs, no cream, no milk. It taste great like ice cream but healthy like frozen yogurt! Now, you can enjoy your favourite flavour of frozen dessert without the guilt! Soyato™ Soy Ice is low in fat, has no cholesterol, and boost the benefits of soy, providing protein and calcium good for the body. It comes in a wide variety of flavours such as all-time favourite Chocolate, Mango, Green Tea and even authentic Japanese flavours like Yuzu.

This product innovation is in line with the global food wellness and health trends. With consumers demanding healthier food choices that does not sacrifice on taste, Soyato is well positioned to suit the growing consumer needs. With a strong emphasis on branding and marketing, Soyato™ Soy Ice aims to be leader in great tasting and healthy desserts internationally.

11th S@S Youth Category Winner


Tow-less aims to bring convenience to toilet users by dispensing good quality, affordable toiletries for one-time use by installing vending machines in these facilities.

10th S@S Open Category Winner


Chapati or roti is a staple in Indian diet. Yet it can take over 30 minutes to prepare a simple meal of roti. Repeating this at least three times every day is a cumbersome process. Zimplistic's invention is an elegant automatic roti-maker set to be the rice cooker of India. With a push of a button, the roti-maker can mix, make and bake rotis from just the addition of water and flour to the machine.

10th S@S Youth Category Winner


E-Thermnity takes baby-care to the next level with their product Chromi - a series of non-toxic, light-weight and durable baby milk bottles that incorporate several special features to aid caregivers and parents as well as to keep the infant safe.

9th S@S Open Category Winner



Phokki.com is the brainchild of team Pic2Pic, and possesses core competencies in transforming average looking photos into embellished and sophisticated art-pieces. Key to delivering this service is Phokki.com’s unique web portal that integrates digital photo retouch, editing and styling services. With designs that are contributed by a huge pool of artists from diversified cultures, Phokki.com is poised to deliver photo customisation and styling in a new and refreshing way.

9th S@S Youth Category Winner



GameMo from TheMobileGamer, is a free mobile application that lets you Find and Try mobile games, before you Buy them; right from your mobile device. you can now Play before you Pay, on-the-go and on-demand. GameMo is also a Social Network where you can invite friends, challenge them to beat your hi-score, recommend new games and find out what others have been playing so you can join in the fun.

8th S@S Winner

CurioX Biotech


Founded by researchers from the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, CurioX Biotech developed DropArray, a unique miniaturization platform which accelerates life science and drug discovery research. DropArray allows researchers to conduct bioassays significantly faster and cheaper while using lesser materials and maintaining the same level of flexibility and convenience as conventional platforms. CurioX Biotech has gone on to receive 16.5% of its funding from German based nanotechnology investment company, Nanostart AG. The rest will come from IBN and A*Star's marketing and commercialization arm, Exploit Technologies. CurioX Biotech was started in 2006 and is headquartered in Singapore.

7th S@S Winner



Ten Cube, an independent software developer in the mobile application space, recently launched WaveSecure, a service intended to protect the data in mobile phones and cellular handhelds if they are lost or stolen. Some of TenCube's customers include prominent leaders in IT security such as the Singapore Police Force and the Centre for Strategic IT. Since winning S@S, tenCube has been named as one of the 100 Hottest Technology Start-Ups in Asia by Red Herring and a Top-10 Wireless Innovation by Frost and Sullivan. TenCube was started in 2005 and is headquartered in Singapore. In 2010, It got acquired by McAfee.

6th S@S Winner

BioMers developed a complete aesthetic alternative to unsightly metallic braces for the treatment of malocclusion i.e. crooked teeth. While invisible to others, these metallic braces also have the necessary mechanical properties to straighten teeth. With an unrivalled product in the market, BioMers aims to capture a significant portion of the 1 million orthodontic patients in the United States of America who are currently seeking an aesthetic treatment for their malocclusion. BioMers was started in 2004 and is headquartered in Naples, Florida.

5th S@S Winner

World Indigo

world indigo

World Indigo offered next generation mobile communication solutions for passengers on-board ferries, airplanes and trains, empowering them to stay connected on the go. It was the first wireless network operator to specialize in providing text messaging and email services to traveling passengers. World Indigo was started in 2004 and was headquartered in Singapore.

4th S@S Winner

Quantagen, which stands for quantitative analysis of genes, is engaged in research and development to commercialize an integrated and portable label-free detection system for DNA-based applications in the healthcare and defense sectors. Its detection system is best suited to address the needs of these markets because of its portability, speed, accuracy, sensitivity and cost. QuantaGen was started in 2003 and is headquartered in Singapore.

3rd S@S Winner

Purple ACE

2nd S@S Winner



PerceptiveI (pronounced ‘Perceptive Eye’) is a global CRM strategy consulting and software product company. Recognized for thought leadership, innovation and the ability to impact industry trends, Perceptivei delivers vertical-centric solutions for Automotive, Financial Services, Government, Insurance and Telecom sectors.